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Frequently Asked Questions of House Cleaners

What is the cost of a home cleaning?

Our fees are based on the size, frequency of cleanings, type of rooms to be cleaned and condition of your home. This will be evaluated at a free in home estimate. We will walk through your home with you and ask you questions about your home, who lives there, how many pets you have and so for. This will give us a better idea of the service that will best meet your needs and budget.

Our prices are calculated by the job and not by the hour. Because each home is so different is hard to give blind estimates. We strongly encourage an estimate. However in the rare case that an estimate will just not work, or in case of a special one time cleaning, we can provide service at an hourly rate.

What about fall and spring cleaning?

With Helping Hands you will never have to worry about seasonal cleaning again! We designate a room ‘special attention' each time we come. That means we do all the little extras that need to be done a few times a year. Such as move furniture, vacuum vents, & lampshades. We also clean under beds, move couches and wash woodwork.

What do I need to supply?

The answer is simple, nothing! We bring everything we need to clean your home. We bring commercial quality vacuums. All of our products are safe and mild. Our glass cleaner is ammonia free, so it will not dull mirrors. We do not use bleach except for soft scrub w/ bleach for sinks and tubs that are stained.

Is my home safe?

We take extreme caution to make sure all of the homes we service are safe and secure. If you choose to give us a key to your home, it is coded and kept in a key safe. We always lock and double check doors. We never allow anyone into your home without permission. We also never answer your telephone.

What if something gets broken?

We always are careful when in your home, but accidents can happen even to the most cautious people. In the event that an item would be damaged, we will be sure to bring it to your attention. A note will be left and the item set out for you to see what happened. Our office will do all we can to replace, or fix the item. We carry liability insurance for this very reason!

Should I leave a tip?

Gratuities are not expected but are much appreciated! Please feel free to leave the crew a tip for a job well done. Those who are there to clean will split it. You may leave the tip in your check, please specify that it is to be a tip, or you may leave cash.

What is your cancellation policy?

If it is necessary to skip a regular scheduled cleaning we merely ask that you give us a 2 day notice. If it is necessary that you cancel your service permanently we ask that you would give us a notice of 2 weeks. However there are no contracts binding you, and this is just a request of courtesy.

What about germs?

We know a clean home is a healthy home. That is why we use anti-bacterial cleaners. That is why we use fresh, clean towels and sponges in each home to be sure germs don't spread. Our towels and sponges are always washed in bleach to kill all germs. We also sanitize our hands between each home.

Have more questions? Give us a call at 507-287-9149, and we'd be happy to answer!